Miami Business Technological University was founded with the objective of serving the urgent needs of a large immigrant community in the state of Florida and in the United States of America in general. Its greatest asset is the academic trajectory and expertise of its founders, dating back to twenty years of educational activity in Ecuador and Europe.

We offer a high-quality education and academic rigor in our online platform, which will allow our graduates to access better job opportunities with a degree of great value and prestige. Our programs are taught in the Spanish language, so there are no barriers to obtaining a high-quality education.


MBTU is committed to building the society of the future by educating people to be leaders who reflect our principles and values and to disseminate our philosophy of ethics and respect. We are a university that through technological advances wishes to promote distance education and achieve a community of education and research that transcends geographical barriers. Our goal is to be an example of quality and service not only with our students, but with the entire university community. We want to be agents of change in society and build a better world.


MBTU will be the impulse for creating an innovative education system which provides accessible educational pathways that prepare students to be productive citizens with a global curriculum.


  • Opportunity: Meeting each student’s educational need at his or her level of ability.
  • Excellence: Achieving the highest standards.
  • Learning: Acquiring new skills, insights and ideas.
  • Success: Preparing students for the future.
  • Creativity: Finding innovative ways to accomplish our objectives.
  • Community: Listening and responding to community needs.
  • Teamwork: Supporting and respecting each other and those we serve.

Integrity, Transparency and Ethics Policy

With the goal of promoting ethics within and outside of MBTU, the university has developed a Code of Ethics. This document contains the principles, responsibilities and values that regulate the behaviors, attitudes, responsibilities, and practices of our educational community. All this applies to the authorities, teachers, students, employees, and workers, who must always maintain exemplary ethical conduct.

Compliance with this Code of Ethics is mandatory. Members of our university community must adhere to the principles and values of the institution:


Our Code of Ethics establishes:

  • Know, respect, and apply the laws and regulations, codes, organic statutes, internal regulations, mission, vision, goals, institutional objectives and mechanisms of transparency and fight against corruption, seeking the collective good and applicable to the educational management of MBTU.
  • Maintain a respectful, honest, warm and open behavior to dialogue with members of the university community, which strengthens the commitment, the sense of belonging and the solid image of MBTU.
  • Refrain from using his position, authority or influence to obtain or seek undue benefits or advantages for himself or for third parties or to harm any other individual.
  • Provide fast service according to the principles of effectiveness and warmth.
  • Manage the information to which you have access in a responsible and honest way.
  • Comply with the faithful compliance of the institutional information security policies, whether physical or digital, passwords and access management, and other issues related to information technology.
  • Use the institution’s resources and assets responsibly, appropriately, and optimally, exclusively for the purposes for which they have been allocated.

Helping the community

MBTU is committed to promoting community development, establishing firm ties with union leaders, associations, and public entities to consolidate academic ties that lead to the development and implementation of community projects and programs that tend to improve living conditions and promote research and development.

Affirmative Action (EEO).

Consistent with federal policy, it is established that no person will be excluded from training, denied any training benefits, or subjected to discrimination in any hiring practice or university activity based on race, creed, color, disability, nationality, sex, age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or belief.

MBTU reaffirms its responsibility to comply with these regulations and demonstrate its willingness to establish and maintain conditions of equity and equal opportunities for its members.

Students with Disabilities

MBTU complies with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), which requires that people with special needs not be excluded when they enroll in college courses. Those students who require special adjustments must communicate it at the time of their enrollment. The university must make every effort to provide reasonable conditions to those who require it.

Student Complaints and Claims

Each program that we offer has its respective process and procedures and our administrative departments are attentive to resolve any complaint from our students. If you have any questions about whom to contact, you can email us and one of our officials will refer complaints to the competent authority.

Finally, if no solution has been given to the student regarding their problem, they have the right to contact the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education directly:

Florida Department of Education,
325 West Gaines Street
Suite 1414
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400
Phone: (850) 245-3200
Fax: (850) 245-3234

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