Business Administration in Human Resources Management


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What is Business Administration?

Business administration oversees the general operations of an organization or department. This may include teams support and supervision, problem solving, developing and implementing plans, and meeting goals.

What is Human Resource Management?

It is the set of practices, policies and decisions that is responsible for working for the well-being of people within the organization, maintaining the focus on business development.

Competences to be acquired

The program focuses on integrated learning experiences in which students develop problem-solving and team-building skills. The program is designed for students who want a broad understanding of business operations with an intense focus on the area of Human Resource Management.

Why study Business Administration in Human Resource Management?

This program provides a professional identity locally and internationally thanks to our faculty members, all of them recognized experts in the specific application of knowledge and technological tools within their fields of work. The targeted study will equip students with the most sought-after skills required to succeed in Human Resources while completing the strategic circle through organizational management courses.

What do I need to study Business Administration in Human Resource Management?

To study for a Master in Business Administration in Human Resource Management, you need to have finished a bachelor’s degree.

Possible jobs

They can work in companies in the areas of administration or as a specialist in human resources, human talent manager, rewards or professional development.


Core courses

  • Fundamental theory of organization
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Marketing management
  • Project evaluation and risk analysis
  • Accounting Management
  • Finance management I
  • Strategic management of human talent
  • Transformational leadership

Concentration Courses

  • Managing Human Resources
  • Human Resource Development
  • Talent Management
  • Managing Total Rewards


  • Capstone

Experience and recommendations
of the students

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