At MBTU, we are interested in our students being able to access more and better job opportunities through the preparation of efficient, ethical, innovative, and socially responsible professionals.

We will provide you with advice and guidance, in order to ensure that your profile is considered in various job offers, through tools that will help you develop the potential and capabilities that organizations require.


MBTU seeks to promote your entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. Promoting entrepreneurship is not limited to just teaching how to create a business, that is why we will provide you with tools that allow you to develop your ideas in this highly competitive world.

And that is why we will provide you with the tools with which you can develop your ideas in this highly competitive world.


This Department ensures that student services are available to all students and graduates; Student Support Services cover areas related to career development, personal skills, academic counseling, employment assistance and study search at other levels.

The support services provided by the SSS program include academic tutoring, financial aid advisement, academic advisement, grade and academic progress monitoring, supplemental instruction, career/major exploration, workshop provision, leadership development, cultural activities, transfer assistance, and priority registration. Supplemental Grant Aid is also available to students who meet specific criteria.

Student services require several functions that respond to the academic and service needs of students, graduates, teachers, media, and methodologies that cover areas related to student services, information dissemination, training and professional development of students and teachers.

This department offers statistics of the services offered to the student, employability for graduates, instruction update, follow-up of students, courses and teachers, being responsible for accompanying the academy in the provision of quality professional training, ensuring the relevance of the offered programs.


Our technological model for online education provides access to scientific databases, virtual libraries and the portal of scientific journals edited by the University as sources of consultation, creativity, and innovation in the generation of formative research processes, of students, teachers, authors, and tutors.

MBTU has its own data center to provide the services required for the development of academic and research activities. Our library and databases with more than 3,000 bibliographic resources allow access to different areas of knowledge (business, science and technology, humanities, social sciences, etc.), and articles on current academic topics.


  • Virtual library.
  • Labor market.
  • Entrepreneurship courses.
  • Student counseling.


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