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Requirements to Apply

Any student can apply as long as they meet the requirements established by our academic units:

  • Fill out the Admissions Form
  • Registration fee of $120 USD
  • Photo ID issued by government entity
  • Diploma or title of the last academic degree and certificate of notes of the last academic degree (High school to access Associate and Bachelor’s degree. Professional title to access Master’s degree).
  • Translation and evaluation of foreign degrees: to determine the equivalence of credentials previously granted with institutions in the United States.


Miami Business Technological University (MBTU) offers scholarship programs designed to encourage the personal and professional growth of our students. These grants apply to all of our programs, both undergraduate and graduate, and are based on three criteria:

  1. Academic excellence achieved in previous studies.
  2. Proven excellence in cultural activities.
  3. Based on financial need.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Be formally admitted to one of our programs.
  • Complete and sign the corresponding Scholarship Application Form.
  • Submit an essay (double spaced, with a maximum of two pages), indicating the need for the scholarship and the educational and professional goals of the student.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a former teacher, employer, or professional acquaintance, who can express a strong vote of support and highlight the student’s academic and personal strengths that will support your scholarship application.
  • For our graduate programs, two letters of recommendation must be submitted: one from a former professor and one from a previous or current employer (direct manager). These letters must clearly refer to the applicants’ leadership skills and qualities. Referees must not have family ties to the student.
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